map Delhi (5-10 November 2018)

Residencial Workshop & Performance Festival


This is the fourth MAP Delhi (Mangar Arts and Performance) Residency. During these six days international and local artists will participate in a workshop residency led by Tony Yap and Javanese Bull-tance shaman/master, Agus Riyanto. This residential workshop is a cumulation and development from series of systemetic research into the practice of trance and its application to contemporary aesthetics.



embodiying trance & sites – inner/outer


Embodiying Trance – inner/outer, psychological/physical sites.

How can we combine the outer sites to our inner drives for performance.

While automatic psychophysical impulses arise from inhabited areas of self, resisting them evokes new kind of drives. We are interested in those drives, which are atonal, unknown, unbridled, exposing blockages, fears and abjection. Appropriated in a situation of “nowhere to hide” by touches of grace and compassion, they become lines of poetry addressed to no one from no one.

The workshop process will be structured by:
> Psychophysical exercises and experimentation on ideas where movements begin within the our body in its levels of dissociation to thinking.

> States of trance for inner level of focuses – from the defined to the unbridled
> In-mobility work – breath, elasticity, stillness and flow of energy
> Concept of ‘Flow’ as a continuous shifts of states

> External sites works includs the sand dunes, natural terrain and village sites and visitation to rare trance rituals in Delhi.
> Structured improvisation space and site-specific performance in Manger Village


Mon-Sat, 5–10 November (6 Days)

Includes Residential workshop, accommodation, all meals and excursions to a heritage site in Delhi and site-specific performance in Village.

Price includes workshops, accommodation, all meals, 1-2 excursions to Delhi Heritage sites, Performance festival in Village

($216 for 6 nights accommodation /meals /transfers /excursions; $184 for full workshop. Total $400)

Booking essential: LIMITED PLACES
FULL cost: AUD$400

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MAP Delhi has been supported by Kalakar Thrust, E-Plus Entertainment Productions, MAP Fest Melaka ImPermanence productions and TYC - Tony Yap Company.