– mini-festival showcases a collective of artists


Tony Yap + Collaborators – an artist collective from diverse cultures, disciplines and age-groups - will utilise the Coburg Court House bvinto into a dynamic multi-use, arts and performance hub for a comminity artists,general public and for fellow creative industry practitioners – emerging and established. 



MAP is Merri-Bek Arts & Performances mini-festival. for 11 weeks, a group of resident artists (TY+C: Tony Yap & Collorators) occupy the Coburg Court House to collaborate, experiment, explore and create works from a spectrum of Art disciplines. The resident artists, inclusive of the broard arts community, will explore the philosophical and personal ideas and concepts of peace in their disciplinary practice.

This is a group of culturally diverse independent artists. Each artist is accomplished or emerging in their individual field of artistic discipline. The vision is to create a festival model that is inclusive, simple and provide a space to experiment and a patform to show their work that is intrinsically inter-cultural in their spectrum of artistic languages.

This project that resulted in a showcase of short works by independent artists, explores the intricate relationship between nature, violence, the human experience, with the intention of igniting a transformative and holistic quest for peace. The performance installation, titled ‘Mapping Peace’, draws upon the artists’ extensive experience in community building and collaboration. The aim is to create a dynamic performance tapestry that celebrates diverse cultures and creative arts.

Tony, the founding creative director of MAP Fest (Melaka Arts and Performance Festival), is actively involved in MAP festivals in Delhi, Bangkok, and rural cities in Indonesia. The proposed model emphasizes inclusivity, welcoming artists of all levels from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to participate and collaboratively contribute to a collective creative event. Looking ahead, our vision involves expanding the Merri-bek Arts and Performance Fest (MAP FEST), which has garnered multiple awards, including being a finalist for the prestigious Australia Arts in Asia Awards, to reach a larger scale and embrace broader local and extended inclusivity.


13-18 MAY 2024
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Tony Yap + Collaborators

We respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjiri People of the Kulin Nation who are the Traditional owners of thel land o which we live and pay respect to their elders, past, present and emerging






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This project was developed as part of Merri-Bek City Council's Coburg Court House Arts Residency Program